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Fireproof, Beautiful and Anti-theft

The first feature that we expect almost all of us from a safe is the high security of the encryption system and its anti-theft capability. Protecting documents and incidents in the event of unexpected incidents is also an important issue to be addressed. Fireproof safe boxes almost reassure you about any other matters. But along with all this, sometimes the beauty of a product, as much as its safety, can be important to you.

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The Best technology, leader brands

The security support for the products provided by Spitaman from greatest brands that uses the most advanced technologies to secure the security and design of encryption systems. Samsung’s best-known name is the company, which combines the security of the safes against theft by combining various digital encryption systems.

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Spitaman, safe lifestyle

Over the past 45 years of experience, we have been working hard to provide the highest quality products and services. Today, Spitaman is proud to be the exclusive agent of the world’s leading safe boxes and safe deposits brands, with more than 65 representatives nationwide, to meet a wide range of customer needs.

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Featured Products

Safe types and models

Decorative safes

What does the image mean in your mind when you hear the word ‘safe deposit’ ? In the decorative safes, there are virtually no large levers and metal crass. These safes are designed to keep up with all the security parameters in a way that is compatible with the home or work place designed.

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Fireproof safes, Always safe

The issue is not just to maintain the security of valuable documents and assets against the thief. A secure safe should have the ability to protect your valuable assets against disasters such as floods and fires. No one even thought about the destruction of the Plasco building as a result of the fire.

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A Safe box for all seasons

At home, office or at the factory, each safe ( گاوصندوق ) should have its own features depending on the location. Choosing the right safes will definitely play an important role in the satisfaction and applicability of Safe Boxes.

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Feel free, anywhere you are

The advancement of technology has leads to the superior safe deposits manufacturers offer the highest levels of cryptography to customers and product users by combining different encryption systems. Using the service of major brands such as “Samsung” as a supplier of cryptographic systems makes it almost reassure of every customer.

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About Spitaman

Spitaman has been active in 1353 with the management and diligence of Mr. Morad Sameni in the field of producing metal artifacts, including home and office safes, and with using the right policies has been able to satisfy consumers for many years. Within these years, Spitaman, with the goal of delivering high-quality, safe, and world-class products, has been importing safes from the most prominent luxury safes manufacturer brands, and continues to provide advanced services to applicants, utilizing expert force efforts.

The company’s research and development team, recognizing the needs of its customers, always seeks to recognize the world’s safest and most secure safes according to the latest technology in the industry. Today, Spitaman has the honor to host the best brands in the world with more than 60 active representatives throughout Iran.



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