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Decorative Safes

The decorative safes are the choice of those who wants beauty and security together. These products, with all the security features of an anti-theft safes, designed to be part of your home or office decoration, such as a piece of art. Although decorative is a major feature of these safes, this certainly does not mean that you lose features like fireproof or anti-theft by purchasing a decorative safes.

According to propose of use, just like any other safes, decorative products are divided into home and office categories. Many people thinks that decorative safes are highly expensive products that few can buy.

So here we have two matters, first thing is, these product’s price is very vast, if you encounter a decorative product at a price of 70 million tomans, do not judge it soon! You may face with the very beautiful Decorative safes, which is their price does not exceed of 10 million tomans. Do not forget that the price of a safe should never be the only criterion for you to choose.

The second thing is that a reliable decorative safes provide good security against fire and thieves. Well, decorative product generally has the necessary features to be placed in the fireproof safes category.

Important matters to choose a decorative safe

      Bear in mind to select the product properly and consistent with your home interior design because that will be with you for lifetime. So, in order, you should consider the parameters such as interior decoration, color and ambiance, to locate the safe box in the bedroom or in the office.

      As we said, decorative products are generally fireproof and anti-theft. You should not forget the security features just for sake of beauty. Manufacture of decorative safes generally use digital locks or biometrics (fingerprints). Check the numbers of the cryptographic system, the credibility of the digital lock maker and the forgotten password recovery strategies. Although this is not critical, but ask the seller about fingerprint capability on the keys.

    ✔  Selecting a safe is a topic that needs advice, research, and a reliable source of advice. We advise you to read the Safes Buying Guide.


Need help? If you have not yet chosen a product, or have not decided to buy a safe box, you can use the free consultation service of Spitman experts.  

Decorative safe models

The features of the product you choose are significantly influenced by the type of documents and assets that you intend to keep in the safe. To store paper documents, you will need a class 350 decorative fireproof safes, and if you want to maintain magnetic documents against fire, you should go to class 150. If you need a quick access to your assets and opening the safe box’s door fast, choose the appropriate decorative model from the digital safes category. In the following, we divided the decorative safes into two categories according to the type of application: home and office.

Decorative office safes

Business in serenity

Office safes, in harmony with the elements that you use in your office’s interior design, will make your work space more beautiful.

Decorative home safes

As a piece of art

You may need to hide your papers and jewelry, but you do not need to hide a home decorative safes. The beautiful design and cryptographic system allows you to safely put the safe box into everyone’s sight.

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