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Digital Safes

Products with and mechanical lock or digital safes? Many people are asking about said matters from Spitaman’s experts. Many of us, in order to maintain the security of our assets, would prefer to keep them in the safe, and sometimes it is necessary for us to use a safe box in the office or at home, as needed. Usually the first thing that comes to our mind is the ability to encrypt and lock it to defeat the robbers. On this page, we plan to introduce digital safes and expressing their benefits to the old safes.


In general, digital safes are divided into “numerical” and “biometric” categories. “Numeric or buttoned safes” are products whose encryption consists of a number typically 5 to 10 digits, and to open it, this password is given using a keypad to the device’s main memory or the newer models such as decorative safes are equipped with touch screen pads, on the other hand the biometric ones only be able to open via finger print, anyway some factors such as manufacturer brand, type of digital lock and etc will be effective on safe’s price.

What is the difference between digital and mechanical locks?

The very positive matter about this type of product is the fast and easy password changing capability. The change of the password of the mechanical lock is usually time consuming and requires precision and skill. While changing the code combination in a digital safe is simply a password change for the mobile phone. Discovering the password of these safes is much harder for robbers than the mechanicals. This is especially important when using digital products as an office safes.

The other thing is these products can easily be opened in the dark and in some cases like power cuts (just for owner!), Buttons are usually Luminous or backlighted, even without these features, with a cellphone flashlight or with special markers for the blind (5 highlights), you can simply place other numbers and buttons and enter the password.

What is the benefits of digital safes and the tips that should be consider when buying?

       All of the digital safes are all anti-theft. But what about the fire? So opt a product that is in the UL list. The UL list are includes of fireproof products that can safely protect your documents during a fire. These safes are usually waterproof.

       The advantage of this type of safe is the fast changing of password ability, this allows business owners to feel more secure in their scheduled and continuous changes to the security code at specific timescales. The fear of losing the security code or the fear of reposing a newly expelled force no longer has any meaning.

    ✔  A digital safe will be the right choice for you if you live in earthquake areas or may be power losses at various other incidents. Because with its password it’s easy to access the contents inside the safe in the dark or even under the rubble, and if necessary transfer them to another location.

     ✔   If you continuously need access to the documents in the safe box or the quick accessibility to the assets is important, you should definitely choose a digital safes.


Need help? If you have not yet chosen a product, or have not decided to buy a safe box, you can use the free consultation service of Spitman experts.  

Digital safe models

Digital products based on application type will classified in home, office or hotel safes. If the digital safes is your choice, then depending on the type of documents, appropriate fireproof class should be selected. For more information on this topic, see the Fireproof Safes page. Other parameters that has an effect on your choice is the amount of objects that are in the safes, the needed of space for placing the safe box and beauty of the product.

Digital office safes


Think about it as you want to change your password monthly because of improving security, that is very hard process in old safes that you prefer to stop doing that, so digital office safe makes that easy for you!

Digital home safes

Peace of mind in house

The matter is not just about maintaining valuable assets, sometimes memos and photos are becoming more important than financial records. The digital home safes is the choice for those who care about anti-theft and quick access to contents inside the safes.

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