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Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes are a kind of safes that can be placed in the category of home, office / business. When choosing a safe, in general the first feature that comes to the minds is the anti-theft ability, but to keeping safe the valuable items of such as documents, cash, jewelry requires something more than that. The anti-theft safes will not definitely be able to protect your assets in massive fires. 

According to the Mehr news agency report, between 2005 and 2015, the number of fires in Tehran has increased about three times. As of 2014, there were 21,583 fires in Tehran, an average of 55 fires a day, therefore, the risk of losing your documents through fire, if not more, is not less than the risk of being robbery.

The fire resistant is one of the features that you should be careful when buying a safe. Especially if your company is located in industrial areas or other places where there is a possibility of a fire near it, or your home and office where located in high density part of the city, this model will be a very reasonable choice of safes.

Statistics shows that in the United States every year, 352,000 homes are burned, meaning 1,000 homes per day.

We hope you never need to check your safe box durability against a fire, but if you are thinking about buying a fireproof safe for any reason, it is good to keep in mind the following matters.

Tips to consider when buying a fireproof safes

      Your safe box should be on the UL list, so make sure of that before buying. A safe box in the UL list means that the product received the fireproof safes certificate and well passed the relevant tests for the fire resistance.

      Paper documents are destroyed at temperatures above 350 ° F, so the internal temperature of the safes to protect these documents should be less than 350 ° (class 350 safes). That means if the outside temperature of the safe increases when the fire reaches 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (or around 1100 degrees Celsius), the internal temperature will remain below 350 degrees.

    ✔  To being assured about non-paper documents (such as CD…) safety , you have to choose a safe box with an lower internal temperature threshold, means the magnetic documents are more vulnerable against heat.


Need help? If you have not yet chosen a product, or have not decided to buy a safe box, you can use the free consultation service of Spitman experts.  

Fireproof safe models

Before choosing fireproof safes to buy, you have to pay attention to the matters such as the space you need to place the safe box or the type of documents you want to keep. Interesting to know that a well fireproof safes are also waterproof, therefore, different products will have different applications due to their different characteristics and strengths. On this basis, we have listed Fireproof Safes according to their location below.

Fireproof Office Safes

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Spitaman’s fireproof office safes are very suitable for storing documents such as magnetic disks, flash drivers, hard disks. This safes equipped with ultra-security locks, will be the best choice for offices.

Fireproof home safes

Trust at home

These safe box has been designed to meet all the standards of anti-theft in a way that is suitable for being in a small residential and small environments. Also home fireproof safes has an more elegance design.

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