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LUCELL safes are known from a Korean company called San Seif as the first brand of safes industry in the world’s. The company has taken a step forward in order to meet the customer’s need to enhance the appearance and design of safes in a way that is easy to combine with environment decoration. LUCELL is a symbol of luxury safe, designed for people who want beauty and safety together. The result of the collaboration of the famous Sun Seif with Samsung has created products that put it at the forefront of global products.
The use of a glass lacquered system in LUCELL brand products is a distinction of this product with many other brand products. This system, along with the design of strong tabs, hidden hinges, digit system with  high-precision, and many other features, have created a unique product. The LUCELL  2000 Gold  is one of most luxury and expensive  product from lucell brand around the  world . One of the  popular reason for this product is the use of 24-grade gold in the design of the door safes.

Brand: Lucell
Lock Type: Digital/Bio Metric/Mechanical
Suitable For: Companies / Financial Organizations

Product Description

The LuCell 2000 Gold  with the unique design of 24-grade gold and the black and gold-colored also known as luxury product . The use of the full-touch screen at the top of the safe box, with the design of LED lights, so that less than anyone in the first encounter with this product could guess that a Safe deposit box. The Full-Touch Safeguard code has 20-digit password capability for two users, which is resistant to any electrical shock and is the result of collaboration with Samsung company.

Strong tabs, hidden hinges body steel with 2 cm high, anti-theft alarm system and glass lacquered  have blocked penetration into the safe. The Glass Luck System runs less in the safes, in fact, the glass is in the inside of the safe door, which is drilled  that glass powder followed by an anti-theft system, and all the tabs will be activated  and the tabs with door mesh together . All of these tabs are hidden and there is no possibility of any damage to them from outside the safe.

Is it for Me?

the LuCell 2000 Gold electronic safes, with designed by 24-grade gold  that’s from luxury safes of the company around the world. The high price of this safe is natural due to the extraordinary security and gold used in it . This safe is recommended to customers , in addition to extra security, want a completely different product.