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 The YES 031 DK home and office series safe, from  the third- brand of the world (EAGLE SAFES), is one of the best-selling house products around the world. their measure 44 x 41 x 52 cm, various color (blue, red, white, black, orange, green, yellow), and has digital with mechanical code system from Samsung company  and, as well as the right price it’s good reasons about popularity of this safe.

Brand: Eagle
Lock Type: Digital/Mechanical
Suitable For: Companies / Financial Organizations

Product Description

The products below 100kg are lightweight products that are connected to the ground by anchor bolt. When you connected the product to the ground,  you must be have  to power equivalent 400 to 600 kg should be applied, for lift the safe,. The fixed and movable steel tabs in the YES 031 DK with  Safeguard purpose is designed to protect the product against theft, if the hinges of the door are damaged, the safe door will not be opened through  of the tabs. This product has received valid standards from The United States, Sweden and South Korea, and according to the UL standard, are suitable for product items such as paper, gold, jewelry ,currency exchange and money. Take into consideration  if you intend to hold items such as CDs, laptops, video films, or raw strip of photography this product is not suitable for you

Is it for Me?

The 1000-W model is one of the most expensive safes. So before buying, attention  to the features of the safe that you want generally , these safes are to be useful in currency exchange, luxury restaurant and hotel