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SIS200 safe box  , the products is beyond the safe for private companies and office building . Public security safes are only secured for keeping paper items, but this safe scope of an office safe for private is one of the few security products that you can safely store flash, CD, memory card and such items . SIS safes are commonly known 2 safes in one because it’s have a smallest safe in it that built steel.

Brand: Eagle
Lock Type: Digital/Mechanical
Suitable For: Companies / Financial Organizations

Product Description

San Seif’s   series of SIS products in the category of fireproof office safes has special place for customers. The main distinguishing feature of this product with other office safes is having a fully-secured safe inside which that has all features of the original safe box such as 3 strong movable tabs, 6-digit keypad, computer keypad, body thickness 6, with 9 mm door. When you have a fully steel safe , the high weight of the product (394 kg) is normal. This safe box weight is not recommended for people who are displaced annually.

The original safes have strong tabs from four side, which have the same function as the seal. The key of the original safe it’s 6-digit , if locked up 5 times, the screen will be locked for a definite time. The Intelligent Crypto System is designed to automatically lock the door when entering a password and don’t opening it for any reason. Getting a, UL Certificate from US is a valid document to fireproof of the safe  According to this standard, the interior temperature of the safe will not rise above 176 ° C for 1 hour at an outside temperature is 926 ° C. This product is suitable for keeping paper and jewelry items and there is a possibility to hold flash, CD and accessories in the internal safes.

Is it for Me?

The SIS 200  box  totally official  and suitable for environment’s need to high-security safes. The high price of SIS products it’s normal cause the deposit box of that all steel . If you are looking for a product with same option and more affordable prices,  we’re recommended to you  ES series safes.