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The ES 130 has a special place in the category of office products and costumers . Perhaps the most important reason for the popularity of this safe is the existence of a full steel safe with a high level of security inside the main safes, which is secured in any way and is completely refractory, anti-drilling and anti-air cut. The high price of SIS safes has been compensated by designing unique electronic and technical systems.

Brand: Lucell
Lock Type: Digital/Bio Metric/Mechanical
Suitable For: Companies / Financial Organizations

Product Description

The ES 130 is a biggest safe from Eagle family with a size of 505 * 585 * 1245 and a weight of 220 kg, that’s part of the fireproof office safes, which received an EURO GRADE 1 anti-theft certificate. ES safes are part of a variety administrative products ,that by upgrading the security system, have created a safe place to hold documents. In this safe there are steel tab inside four sides of door when you lock the safe sealed complete .and the hinges are protected by steel tabs against any mechanical damage The existence of anti theft alarm complete the security system.
The ES 130 lock is an electronic type that has a keyboard for 2 user with 6-digit Overall it’s computer key that can be complete with password . It should be noted that if the security code is entered, but  you change your mind about the opening door, the automatic locking tabs will be activated automatically and the security door will be closed again. This safes are  with respect to  official usage suitable for keeping paper documents and has standardization of the UL CLASS 350.

Is it for Me?

If you are looking for s safe for your office and do not have to worry about the security of your valuable documents in different situation , ES safes can be a good option for you, and ad valorem is cheapest than other safe . Most of the safes are from the SIS family, their ad valorem is expensive