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The Lucell 2000pt Model is the most popular product all around the world. The main reason  of that known super-security code system that made  Samsung company .However, this product  is most popular and expensive. 

Brand: Lucell
Lock Type: Digital/Bio Metric/Mechanical
Suitable For: Companies / Financial Organizations

Product Description

the 2000pt  model from LUCELL   luxury family. it’s not only a safe deposit box for storing your assets, but it can also be a decorative table or a beautiful painting in your home. The full-touch keyboard of this locker is completely hidden in the top of the door, you can enter your password safe with touch screen in top of the door . This 4 to 20-digit security box is designed by Samsung.
Strong steel tabs, body thickness, anti-theft alarm, hidden hinges, glass luck system and Euro grade certification provide security for this product. The glossy lacquer is a system that is directly involved with steel plates that, as soon as the door is drilled and collided with glass, the tabs are completely opened and doesn’t allow for opening the door under any circumstances..

Is it for Me?

LuCell 2000 safes are one of the most luxury and expensive products in the safes category. This product is more suitable for people looking for a completely different appearance safes in addition to a security product  to impress on their surroundings.